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Congratulations to SARAH HUDSON

2015 SWL Player of the Year (click here)

This page has been designed for the Women of BFC.

The identification of Women at BFC has long been underestimated. Since our humble beginning (1961) through to today, dedicated women have helped mould our club to where is stands today. This page has been designed to highlight the past achievements of the women from within our club. Whether be through coaching, managing, mothering, participating, joining the committee or simply supporting, thank you for making a difference.

W-League & Matilda's

For the latest from our national W-League, Matilda's (U17), Young Matilda's (U20's) & our Westfield Matilda's senior squad.

Girls FC
Whether your scoring for the Matilda's or simply having fun with your friends, come & join the winning team at Girls FC