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Budgewoi Football Club
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Welcome to the Budgie 7's for 2019 - 2020


Women's Competition

Last round next week
4th February

FINALS 11th February
Every team plays

The competition has been split into two equal Groups of 8 teams
Each team will play every other team once in the Group Stage

All table data (goals, points etc) have carried over to the Group stage
Every team will play every other team in their Group once

All teams will play in the Finals

Men's Competitions

Two more rounds
29th January & 5th February

FINALS 12th February
Top 8 in the Open's play, all teams in the Over 35's

There are 10 teams in the Open's and 14 teams in the Over 35's

In the Men's Open competition every team will
play every other team 3 times
Only the top 8 will make the Finals

In the Men's Over 35's Competition
Every team will then play every other team in their Group twice

All teams will play in the Finals

Information for all competitions

This is a 'SANDSHOE' competition
Winter style studded boots are strictly forbidden

If an opposition player has the wrong footwear
report it immediately to the referee who will ask the player to leave the field.
There is no point complaining after the game

Multiple rubber studded 'Grass Sports' type footwear is allowed and recommended for damp conditions.
The images below show an example of that type of footwear

There will be 3 game evenings for every team at some point
This is unavoidable

There will also be some evenings where there will be games over 4 time slots
Again, this is unavoidable.

Every player is advised to make themselves aware of rule differences
that are particular to the Budgie 7's

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